Our Offer

Are you looking for a reliable and competent partner for your business or project idea? Do you experience communication problems during the execution of a project? Do you want more guarantee that your investments are truly sustainable? Do you have doubts about the quality of the execution of your project?

Every situation or context is different. Every request for help is unique. That is why we deliver customization to organizations. Our services vary to the extent that support or advice is needed in solving the problem.
Our service packages are divided into 3 categories.

Capacity building

of the partner organization in West Africa

Do you experience problems with the cooperation because there is too little expertise with your implementing partner? Whether it concerns financial management, technical expertise or project management, a shortage of knowledge and experience with your partner can have major consequences for the success or failure of projects or business. We therefore offer support in strengthening the capacities and competencies of your partner. For this we offer tailor-made training courses for which we work together with local experts. TRAVERSE also supports drawing up a plan of action, for example to achieve organizational renewal, project plans or business plans. We have ample experience with how to successfully raise funds for projects and can advise you on this.

Of course, your question may look different from the offer mentioned here. Or you have more practical questions that you want answers to. We like to make time for a discussion about your wishes. Click on the contact form to get in touch.

Research and analysis

of the context and partner organizations in West Africa

By means of an organization analysis, a project organization or company can be evaluated by us on strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. With the outcome the right decisions can be taken.

Do you want to know what the results of the implemented projects are? Do you want objective information about the impact that all interventions have brought about?
We work together with local professional research teams for a complete project evaluation. In addition, an impact analysis is possible of the activities carried out to support the development of the population. The advantage of working with local research teams is that they have easy access to the target group, they share the same language and culture, it is cost-saving compared to the flying in of foreign missions and it creates employment for young graduate professionals in the region itself. TRAVERSE guarantees the quality. With our advice for adjustment and improvement, your (future) investments can have even more effect.

Training and advice

for organizations that want to cooperate with partners in West Africa.

Is your organization vital but do you need a sparring partner? Do you want to create more dynamics or do you want to orientate yourself on new projects or business models? Would you like advice regarding a specific problem in the cooperation?

You can request an advisory interview for all this. We make a problem analysis for you with appropriate advice.

TRAVERSE also offers tailor-made training for Western organizations that want to develop a good basis for cooperation in West Africa. This prevents communication problems due for exemple to cultural differences. Thanks to the training, your organization develops the tools to jointly and successfully set up new projects or develop a business model.


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