West Africa has enormous potential for development. Food production, renewable energy, infrastructure, tourism are examples where a lot of growth and development is possible. In addition to large companies and large NGOs, there are numerous initiatives from Europe that play a positive role in this development. Whether it is small-scale companies or non-profit development organizations, there is often also an idealistic motivation to support the development of the population.

For these small-scale organizations, collaboration with partners in West Africa is not always easy. They do not always have the means to send a foreign mission or the possibilities for regular monitoring. The distance between the two continents is also not only physical but often also concerns the unfamiliarity with the language and culture of the country. This can lead to frustration and communication problems.

Our vision is that the solution for development lies in Africa itself. We want to use local people for our services. For example, young people who have graduated but are unable to find work due to high unemployment. Or experienced project teams that have earned their spurs elsewhere.
There is a lot of knowledge and experience in Africa, but people often do not have access to financial resources. We want to bring this knowledge, experience and resources together to create solutions for sustainable development. We provide the frameworks for this in close consultation with our customers. Our vision is that support, equality and respect from the most important basis for cooperation.

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